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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Recap - "The Greatest Spectacle In Drinking"

Well ladies and gentleman the legendary race has concluded.  A hell of a race it was too.  Here is a recap if you missed it.

The pre-race festivities began with the great vocals of Jim Neighbors and "Back Home Again in Indiana."  This was followed by the National Anthem of the US and our ancestors National Anthem of Ireland.  At the conclusion of the anthem it was a beautiful site as the releasing of the whiskey took place as shots were had by all.  It looked just as beautiful as the balloons in the Indy 500.  The competitors then took their place at the starting line of the Alley Cat as the command was given by the honorary Drinking Commissioner, Nancy (mainly because she was the only one around to say it)... "Gentlemen, start your drinking!"

The pace laps then commenced at the Alley Cat with a delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, toast and some biscuits and gravy which we thought we cancelled but suddenly reappeared on the track.  Oh and I almost forgot...a nice cold Budweiser in a can.  As the first pace laps were concluded an unexpected pit stop was made at Starbucks (for obvious reasons and a nice hot chocolate...Mike had tea) just before the start of the race to refuel. 

The men then came around the final turn to the starting line again to take the green flag as they came down the frontstretch in the Indy Go bus down College St into the first turn at the Elbow Room.  There was a lot of congestion going into that first turn.  Mainly because the parade was going to start in an hour and a half and everyone wanted to see it.  The lines started to form for the bathroom upstairs at this point.  Although I am happy to say that I as well as Mike and a few others were instrumental in forcing the line to wrap around the other side of the room than in previous years so that we could have an area that wasn't clustered by bathroom dwellers.  As many laps past, and many beers, the race proceeded without any yellow flags to the Union Hall. 

Pit stops were then made at the Union Hall as this was seemingly the half-way point of the race at about 2:00 in the afternoon.  Although these weren't the first pit stops and were definately not the last.  The competitors then came out of the short-shoot to the front stretch again in the Indy Go bus to cross the line for the start of the second half of the evening at The Ace.  Many libations were consumed and fun times were had with good music.  Some of the second half of the race may seem a little fuzzy but not much as it was just good times with a lot of people that you hadn't seen in a while.  The final laps then proceeded around 9:30 at night as the race was completing it's trip back to Nancy's for the victory laps to finish off the night. 

There were a lot of other legendary events that occured throughout the day that you might have missed out on.  There might have even been a random event that happened.  So I say you should SUIT UP and join us again next year as we continue the honored tradition of "The Greatest Spectacle In Drinking."

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