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Monday, March 14, 2011

CALLING ALL SUITS! Suit Up for "The Greatest Spectacle In Drinking"

It's time to SUIT UP!  Wear your green ties and bring your tweed or flat cap.

Yes it's that time of year my friends.  The day where we celebrate our ancestory with green libations.  For those of us that are Irish we celebrate all day long.  For those that aren't...well they still celebrate all day long.  After all, everyone is Irish on St Patrick's Day.  At least that's what their shirts say.  So that being said, come out and enjoy the festivities on Thursday! 

Who doesn't want to start the day out at the Alley Cat for breakfast and a beer at 7:00 am?  Yes that's right I said it!  7 am!  This is how the awesome people start the day off.  Also because there are no other bars that are open in Broad Ripple before 10 am.  Then we take the bus downtown to see the parade while drinking green brews at the Elbow Room.  $1.75.  Best cab ride money can buy.  We don't know where the day takes us from this point but that's the best part.  You make it up as you go.  Of course, we always end up at the Ace.  This is the true Irish bar in America.  No, the Claddagh on the northside does not count.  I've heard people say it before but that is not where real Irish people go for Patty's Day.  If you happen to go to the Claddagh that's fine, but do not try to tell me that's where real Irish people go on St Patty's day.  The Irish enjoy the festivities.  That's why they march all over the town. 

I'm calling out to everyone to suit up on Thursday.  Let's make it a suitfest.  Wear your tan, khaki or even plaid suit.  Bring your green hat!  Green ties!  Flat or tweed caps!  Let's suit up America to celebrate a good cause.  Hopefully you've taken the day off of work.  If you have to work then join us after you leave your office and come in the cloths you are wearing...which should be your suit.  No I don't care if you work in a factory and shovel poo behind an elephant, you should still look good doing it.  It'll also help you pick up the ladies (as if the alcohol wasn't enough). 

If you aren't going to start the day with us at the Alley Cat at 7 am for breakfast and beer, then you can follow our awesome adventures on Twitter.  I created an account just for this celebration.  Even though I'll still use it after Thursday.  Remember...SUIT UP!

By they way, you should still check out my post on ketchup.  It happened again the other day.  You can find it in the archives for February.

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