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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ketchup Please!!!

Now I'm not a fan of tomatoes.  I know most people are though.  The only thing I like that comes from tomatoes is ketchup, pizza sauce and salsa.  However, I don't like ketchup on my hot dog or burger.  I really only like it to dip fries in.  Which brings me to my next point.  When I ask for ketchup at a drive through, I would really like more than TWO packets.

I know this has happened to everyone and I want to lead a movement that will make people smart when it comes to the drive up window.  Well you pull up your car to the little box to place your order.  First of all, it usually seems that you have to repeat yourself 10 times before the guy actually gets what you ordered. 

You:  "I would like a #1 with only mustard and pickle please...large size with a..." 
Window Guy:  Interupts - "Would you like cheese on that?"
You:  "No."  - Thinking to yourself that if you wanted cheese you would have said cheese and not just mustard and pickle only for your sandwich.
Window Guy:  "Only ketchup and onion."
You:  "No.  Only mustard and pickle."
Window Guy:  "With no cheese correct?"
You:  "Yes, no cheese with only mustard and..." - Again thinking to yourself that we established that I do not want cheese twice.
Window Guy:  Interupting - "What to drink?"
You:  "Coke, large size." - Wondering if he got the order correct because he keeps interupting.
Window Guy:  "Would you like the meal small, medium or large size?"
You:  Getting frustrated at this point because you just said it and said it earlier- "Large size!"
Window Guy:  "Is the order on the screen correct?"
You:  "NO!  I want only mustard and pickle on my sandwich." - With the screen saying ketchup and onion.
Window Guy:  "$6.82 please at the second window."

Then you pull around to the window wondering if the order will even be correct or if there will be spit on your burger.  Sometimes after you pull away and you check, the sandwich is completely wrong with ketchup and onion on it with cheese.  However, here is the part I do not get.  Once you get to the window and they hand out the bag to you with your drink, you ask for some ketchup.  Most of the time because they never put any in the bag unless you ask for it.  So the guy reaches over for ketchup grabs some and hands it out of the window to you.  You look at what is in your hand.  It's two ketchup packets.  You stare at the guy with a blank face.  This is where you can get crafty.  If I ordered a #1 large size that means I'm getting a large fry correct?  Then why would you think that if I get a large fry am I only going to need two ketchup packets?!  There's not much ketchup in the packets to begin with so what makes you think that I won't need more?  I will use up all of the ketchup on the first 6 fries!  I'll still have about 50 fries left in the box!  KETCHUP PLEASE!!!

To make matters worse after you drive away and you take a sip of your drink you realize it's diet or a tea instead of a coke.  So I guess the only way to make people smart when it comes to drive thru's is to hire people that have the vanishing skill of listening.