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Friday, December 3, 2010

Why the Colts will be ok.

Everyone has their own opinions on things.  Some people take their opinions to be gospel and that no one else could be right.  Some people are actually open to other peoples thoughts and listen.  That is actually the key to an opinion.  Listening.  Something we do not do too often.  I am guilty of it myself from time to time.  We just have to remember that our thoughts and opinions may not always be right, but just what we think could be or could happen.  This is my opinion on the Colts for 2010-11.  Take it or leave it.  I'm not asking you to agree, but just think about it and be open.

The Colts will be fine the rest of this season and could position themselves for another Super Bowl. 

Here is why I think this.  We have been spoiled as Colts fans the last 10-11 years.  Perfection is something that most teams are not used to.  In fact, no team is used to it except maybe the 1972 Miami Dolphins.  They were the only undefeated team to complete a season without losing a game.  They finished 17-0.  Now you could always make the argument that there have been teams, with just as many or more wins, that could possibly have been better than the 72 Dolphins.  The Dolphins just did not play as many games as the teams do now.  The Patriots finished the season in 2007 with a record of 18-1.  The Colts in 2009 finished 17-2.  So where am I getting at with these comparisons?

Well, we have been used to 12 and 13 win seasons the last decade for the Colts.  This is something that is hard to come by and that not very many teams are ever used to doing.  Especially for so many years in a row.  What was it, 4 years in a row that the Colts started at least 8 or 9-0?  Again, a lot of teams aren't even used to winning that many games in a season on a regular basis.  If we were any other team right now with a 6-5 record, tied for first in the division, we would be jumping for joy that we are in the hunt for one of 6 teams out of 16 that could make the playoffs in our conference.  But it seems that some Colts fans are talking about how they won't even make the playoffs because they are just not a good team right now. 

Here is what I would say to that...

Let's not forget the position we are in right now.  We are in a tie for first place in the division while having a banged up team that is a little off of their game right now.  They are missing the big plays by a matter of inches.  How often have you seen Reggie Wayne take a pass off of his facemask, or Peyton Manning miss a wide open Garcon down the sidelines?  Not very often.  Again, they are just off of their game at this time by a slight margin.  Once they get clicking again, and it will happen as we all know, they will be an extremely tough team to beat in the playoffs.  We saw how the Patriots this season escaped a loss to the Colts ealier this year and that was with a limited number of players while playing AT New England.  The Jaguars beat us with a rediculous kicker who somehow manages to have a foot made of heavy metal and make a 59 yard field goal to beat us in the closing seconds of the game.  And that was not the only time he has done that to us.  Also, when the Colts won the Super Bowl in 2006, they lost 4 of their last 7 games to close out the season.  Do you remember what people were saying then?  "The Colts are not Super Bowl contenders."  "The Colts will not even win their first game in the playoffs against Kansas City."  "The Colts can't stop the run." 

And what ended up happening?  "The Colts are world champions!"  "The Colts have allowed the fewest rushing yards in the playoffs!"  "The Colts beat New England for the first time in 6 attempts!"

Again I feel that the Colts are just fine right now and we should not worry about missing the playoffs.  I feel they will be there.  Remember that every team goes through a tough year now and then, even with their star players.  The Patriots had one or two this decade while Tom Brady was their quarterback.  They still made the playoffs at 9-7.  Again, you just have to believe in your team and support them no matter what.  Even in the worst of seasons (as most of you know my love for IU).  They can pull through and I believe they will. 

Again, this is just one mans opinion.  You can take it or leave it.  Just be open to the idea.

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