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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Suit Up!

(Flashback) In ancient times, the best way to look was to cover yourself with some dead animal or wildabeest that you slaughtered 15 minutes ago.  After you finished gutting the carcass you could throw the skin over your shoulder to give you a more masculine, yet rugged look.  This worked for some time however the lady cavemen were growing tired of the bloody, dead animal hanging over the shoulder of their men.  Cavemen for years wondered how to improve their look to help grab the attention of more ladies so they could club them over the head and drag them back to their cave.  Then one time a caveman, named Ugh, came across a brilliant idea that has set the precident for men today to look totally awesome.  He cut holes in the arms of the animals to wear them like a jacket and pants.  He used a pre-historic tree leaf to tie around his neck to give him an elegant look.  He shined up some old turtle shells to put on his feet.  Yes my friends I'm talking about suits!  (End flashback)

It was Ugh's vision that has helped us catch the eye of the ladies day in and day out.  This is why I always recommend suiting up for your day.  Not only does it help give you the perception of actually getting some work done, but it gives you the power to wow the ladies.  How many times have you heard girls talking about how hot or great a guy looks at a wedding when you are standing right next to them?  I'm willing to bet quite a bit.  It is a day when guys get the most compliments.  Yes a lady's legs will quiver with excitement by looking at a man in a suit.  It is the best way to catch the eye of the young woman to reel her in.  But why aren't you getting the compliments?  Perhaps it's the way that you wear the suit.

You might be saying to yourself, "But Matt, I just don't feel comfortable in a suit.  They make me feel all bunched up."  My response to that would be that you are most likely wearing too tight of clothing possibly underneath the jacket.  The biggest thing is the dress shirt, which I'm guessing because you don't wear suits too often is still one that you have from your high school or college days when you were thin.  Get a dress shirt that is a little loose in the arm pits and lets your neck breath just a bit because remember you will be wearing the jacket.  Don't have the neck too tight that you feel like you are cutting off circulation.  You can loosen up the collar and pull the tie in so that it helps with that issue.  Also you may not have the proper jacket.  It could be too small.  I recommend getting a new suit.  Once you wear a suit for a few days you might realize the power and comfortableness they provide.  I was hesitant just like you at wearing my Sunday best.  But I can assure you that if you do wear it, you will surprise yourself and catch the eye of the ladies.  I love wearing suits and have started a collection of them.  This though is just step one of being awesome.

There are 5 reasons to wear a suit.
1.  Because they're awesome!
2.  The ladies love a man in a suit.
3.  People respect the business man.
4.  They give you confidence.
5.  Because they're awesome!

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