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Monday, June 27, 2011

Are They Really Beautiful?

I was eating dinner the other night and was watching some Wheel of Fortune.  I usually don't watch it but decided that I'd like to try my luck at guessing the phrases.  There were two things I found out.  I really wasn't that good at a few of the phrases and the other was that everyone says they have beautiful children.  Each time Pat asked the contestants about themselves and where they hail from the contestants would respond with similar answers.  "I'm from so and so.  I am an employee for some company.  I have a wonderful husband/wife of too many years to count and I have X number of beautiful children."  Each person up there said this.  I then started to think to myself, "Does everyone think they have beautiful children?"  So I turned to the Gameshow Network to do some research.  I was amazed at the results of my study.  Almost every person that had kids that was on a game show said they had beautiful children (and a wonderful spouse).

Now I know that if you have kids they are always beautiful in your eyes.  They can not do any wrong (something that a lot of people should definately reconsider and actually grow a pair and discipline their kids).  They will always be your pride and joy.  These things I understand.  What I don't understand is why you feel that you have to justify to the world that they are beautiful.  With the number of people saying this we should have a world full of Jennifer Aniston's and Brad Pitt's.  Yet we don't.  If my kids are ugly I will leave that part out.  I'll just say I have X number of kids.  Maybe it's that people are trying to justify it to themself.  I mean by the look of some of these people on the shows I can't image that their kids would be any different.

So when you are telling someone about your kids I would leave out the beautiful part and let everyone else decide for themself if they really are unless they look like Jennifer Aniston.

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